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Cyber Radix has facilities that help create a learning environment that is friendly, professional and comfortable. We present modern, high-tech training centers that comprise of laboratories that are fully equipped with state-of-the-art machines and other equipment. Our facilities ensure that you get the maximum hands-on practice in your courses. At its disposal, Cyber Radix has impressive infrastructure in USA and India. Some of the highlights of the available infrastructure:
1. Company owned facility in Waco, Texas, USA: This facility currently holds more than 300 live servers running all popular business applications. This facility helps us to provide online training on our remote servers for up to 250 students simultaneously. . Some of its main features are:
• Our servers run multicore AMD or Intel processors. A minimum of 4GB of server-grade DDR RAM is fitted into each of these machines. All of our critical servers run server-grade SATA3 hard disks in RAID1 or RAID10 arrays. All our standalone servers feature RAID1 protection, with high-performance SCSI or SATA2 hard disks. This means all our systems can tolerate at least 1 hard disk failure with no downtime. All our servers are backed up to secure NAS or SAN every 24 to 48 hours. All this ensures your data is safely stored, and more reliable than it would have been using just a single hard drive.

Our facilities use Juniper routers, and Cisco and Netgear enterprise-class switches that have been set up for redundancy and reliability. We are connected to multiple international and regional network carriers to bring you faster downloads and greater reliability.
2.In Dehradun near Nehru Colony we have a 24x7 facility providing technical support to over 30,000 end-users spread over more than 100 countries. Some of its main features are:
• 11,000 sq. ft. in size with 10-12 hrs of UPS backup for PCs and redundant power supply with two (2) standby diesel generators.
• Redundant high-speed Internet connectivity of 4 mbps; dedicated wireless and fiber optic connectivity with unlimited bandwidth from two different ISP's.
• A seminar hall with a capacity of about 30 people with digital boards, a high quality audio system and a projector facility for quality presentations.
• All the laboratories have networked PCs with Intel Core i5 or i7 processors, 4 GB RAM and LCD monitors. Also all the laboratories have servers configured with high availability for practical demonstrations.
• The CISCO specific laboratory has 11 routers including three MPLS-based high end routers, and several interface modules via VPN, VOIP and so forth. Three Layer 2 switches and two Layer 2 switches, one Cisco Access point, and lots of other hardware components help provide world class training. Laboratories are available for all seven days during the boot camp session.
• 24/7 Kitchen service
Candidates trained at Cyber Radix have greatly benefited from our exclusive hands on training programs. Cyber Radix gives our candidates exposure and the opportunity to work in a real life professional environment, even before joining jobs.
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