Diploma in Hardware Networking
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This course would help the students to prepare for entry level Hardware job opportunities in the IT industry. The student’s skill set in troubleshooting Hardware related problems, designing networks and troubleshooting the same will be enhanced to a considerable level to match the requirements of the Industry.

Duration: 1 Year
The career options available to qualifiers are:
• System administrator
• Network administrator
• IT technician
• IT administrator
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Module 1: Electronics Components and PC Hardware
Topics Covered
• Introduction to Computers
• Concept of hardware & software
• Computer as an Electronic Machine
• Introduction to Windows
• Windows Setting
• Advanced Windows
• Windows Accessories
• Text creation and manipulation
• Formatting the Text
Module 2: PC Architecture
Topics Covered
• The Computer Architecture
• Study of PC/AT motherboards:
• Buses
• Display Cards & Monitors
• Drive Systems
• First Test
Module 3: Operating System
Topics Covered
• Basics of Operating System
• Installation and Administration of
• Windows 2003 and Linux
• Taking Care of System Health &
• Debugging
• Windows based back-up
• Procedures & Disaster Prevention
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Module 4: Basics of Networkng
Topics Covered

• Introduction To Networking
• Transmission Media And Networking Connectivity
• Wireless Networking